George Plumbing Co., Inc. was establish in 1947 by George F. Saliba. Mr. Saliba began his career as a master plumber in 1920 in San Antonio, Texas. With only $200.00, a panel truck, a vacant lot on Roosevelt Avenue, and tons of courage, he started his business. 

Although the founding Mr. Saliba has passed away, his goals and beliefs are alive and well, and continue to be the foundation of George Plumbing Co., Inc. 

The reason the customers have stayed is confidence. Customer confidence has made this company what it is today. Past and present management holds customer satisfaction and confidence as the single most important philosophy in the organization. 

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Mission & Values


Founded in 1947, our mission is to develop lifelong relationships by providing quality communication and craftsmanship. 


  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Craftsmanship
  • Family

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