covid-19 safety measures

In response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) George Plumbing Co., Inc. has implemented safety practices to protect our customers and plumbers.  In this unprecedented time for our country. We are doing everything we can to remain safe and provide plumbing service. 

Free virtual estimates

 To reduce interaction and ensure safety, we are offering Facetime / Zoom FREE ESTIMATES. 

Plumbing Estimates we can provide over the Facetime / Zoom:

  • Leaks in the home on emergency cut off valves, toilets, toilet connectors, water heater connectors, faucet connectors
  • Leaks outside home: yard leaks, slab leaks, hose bibb leaks, pressure regulator leaks, leaks at meter
  • Repairs to water heaters, toilets, faucets, water softeners 
  • Clogs at toilets, sinks or mainlines
  • Remodel residential services

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