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 George Plumbing Co., Inc. was established in 1947 by George F. Saliba. Mr. Saliba began his career as a master plumber in 1920 in San Antonio, Texas. With only $200.00, a panel truck, a vacant lot on Roosevelt Avenue, and tons of courage, he started his business.

Plumbing Services

Water Heaters & Water Lines
WINTAC ANSWERS yes - can pay invoices, see history, see sites, add a job - web based browser; login with password and username yes - can make payments if using their merchant services yes - "summary field" / "divisions" are service, remodel, water treament / can't go to profit and loss report by truck yes - progress and aia billing yes - every customer at each location yes - "business field" works as "lead source" yes NO! cannot upload vendor invoices into WINTAC; totally manual process yes - most people outsource; current with support - not alot of feedback, not updated often, very basic, each employee can only put one account only; timecard feature / job time (billable) yes - track up to 60 inventory locations; yes - inventory counts work based off location (truck), revenue and inventory report to individual locations yes - prints for all with tag codes 99 and can print to forms no - does not link directly to any banks; can download file yes - setup as item yes - "task groups" stored work tasks yes - can go to division and job talk to cc talk to cc yes - just one billing location - but can have multiple sites yes - separate program - gps is truck specific - needs to be installed in each truck no - but can send default email confirmation day before yes - if on portal, they can pull up job and review it yes yes yes yes no - can export jobs to google maps yes - customer list, job site, vendor list, item lists, NO HISTORY IMPORT - TALK TO MATT ABOUT PRICING yes - if there's a match it will pop up yes - color is status of job - automatically updates as the guys update job status in real time yes - vehicle manager w notebooks and setup reminders for the vehicle; can pull monthly report no - cannot acces the portal without internet; browser based must have live connection no - no access to our data not sure - TALK TO MATT every year major updates, software updates on monthly basis not very often - TALK TO MATT Windows based reviewed TALK TO MATT yes - simple copy paste; print out of wintac no - balance sheet; no average cost yes - we input individually - TALK TO MIKE yes yes - system will auto update yes TALK TO MATT yes yes - can search by item code or description field; descrip 250 characters - 20 for item code yes yes no - can not hide item; can hide cost and price; cant hide specific item yes - upload by part number individually see above yes - task groups no custom but lots of functionality some can go to excel; all go to formatted text where we can copy/paste yes depends on how you run the report can do profitability by tech; no average revenue by job type; can run report for each job type then do the math see above sales tax tracked by job location yes yes no yes no auto warnings; shows balance up top, can also setup auto alerts yes yes - customer cannot see notebooks on their portal no there isn't - beginning balances will need to be entered in - print trial balance - add customers open invoices and open AP then run existing trial balance yes TAL TO MATT TALK TO MATT yes TALK TO MATT continues to work normall TALK TO MATT yes TALK TO MATT TALK TO MATT QUICK - 2 TO 4 WEEKS extras: AR/AP/Existing details
Plumbing Repairs & Installs
Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels
Water Treatment

From tank water heaters to tankless water heaters, water conditioners to reverse osmosis systems, George Plumbing Co., Inc. is licensed to assist with your plumbing problems.
We can repair and install: toilets, water lines, sewer drains, kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets and garbage disposals. George Plumbing Co., Inc. can provide SAWS CSI Inspections and Backflow Testing.
We also work on kitchen and bath remodels.

#YELL4GEORGE and contact us today to help with your plumbing and water treatment needs. You can call us directly at (210)495-9991. 

Serving San Antonio Since 1947

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 customer reviews

"Doug came out and did a 5 star job fixing my tub faucets and recaulking the bathtub. I was so happy with the professionalism and work this company does. And, the price was right. "
Susan O.
5-Star Review
"Arrived on time. Plumber was courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly. He finished the job efficiently, professionally and even taught me a couple things while he worked. Definitely recommend!"
Chris O.
5-Star Review

Family Owned and Operated Since 1947


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#YELL4GEORGE and contact us today to help with your plumbing and water treatment needs.