Customer Care Packages

George Plumbing Co., Inc. offers Customer Care Packages on the equipment we furnish and install. Browse our options below and feel free to contact us anytime with questions. 


Yearly Water Heater Flush to clear out sediment and minerals that could affect the performance of your water heater. 

Includes visual inspection of the water heater controls, tank and connectors.

Yearly tankless water heater flush to clear sediment with a descaling solution. 

Includes a visual inspection of the tankless controls and connectors.

Salt Program – Quarterly or Yearly delivery of salt for Water Softeners and Water Conditioners. 

Includes visual inspection of water softener controls, tank and connectors.

Filter Program – Yearly replacement of reverse osmosis filters. Every fifth year, an additional membrane is replaced.

Includes visual inspection of reverse osmosis functions, faucet and connectors.


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